Flame treatment system

The FlameBot is the newest of AutoTran’s Treatment systems.  Equipped with a rotary table and 8 stations, the FlameBot is the perfect accessory to go along side 360 degree printing for inkjet machines like the Vortex Series of equipment by AutoTran and preparing the surface to accept the ink and have proper adhesion.

Technical Specifications
  • Flame height: Adjustable

  • Maximum Speed: 20 parts/min

  • Stations: 8

Machine Dimensions
  • Length: 39″

  • Width: 36″

  • Height: 68″

  • Weight: 1,000 lbs.

Basic Machine Features
  • High speed rotary table design

  • 360 Degree Treatment

  • Adjustable Flame Height

  • Universal Vacuum Pallets

  • No Part No Flame Sensor