Surge 600


Industrial High Speed UV-LED Digital Printer

This Surge 600 Is A Revolutionary UV-LED Ink Jet Printer Designed To Print On Flat Surfaces.  The Surge 600 Is Perfect For Printing Full Color Directly Onto Your Products With Immediate Curing. Utilizing AutoTran’s Fusion 7 Ink Series, The Surge 600 Leaves Your Product With A Bold, Bright Finish That Will Have A Lasting Impression On Your Customers.

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum Print Length: 400mm (15.75″)
  • Maximum Print Width: 600mm (23.6″)

  • Maximum Image Quality: 2400 DPI

Machine Dimensions
  • Length 560mm (22”)

  • Width 1092mm (43”)

  • Height: 686mm (27”)

  • Weight 400 lbs.

Basic Machine Features
  • Compact Tabletop Design

  • 400mm (15.75″) x 600mm (23.6″) FlatBed

  • Compatible with Fusion 7+ Digital Inks

  • RIP software and Custom ICC Profile Included