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Industrial Inkjet Printer for Taper / Cylinder Printing

The JetBot is an industrial multi-color UV-LED inkjet printer specifically engineered for directly printing on tapers/ cylinders, like cups, bottles, tins or cans. Utilizing environment-friendly UV-LED curing technology, JetBot offers you the capability of directly printing on a wide range of materials, including metal, glass, paper, wood, plastic, etc.

JetBot offers robust architecture and superior printing control technology, which delivers outstanding image quality even at high speed printing. It features a number of significant improvements in the current printing industry, realizing new opportunities to expand your business. With the simplified workflow and easy operation, JetBot increases your productivity in short-run printing, personalized printing, and package proofing applications.

Technical Specifications
  • Taper Size: Length*: 110 – 270mm (4.33″ – 10.6″) Top Diameter: 40 – 120mm (1.57″ – 4.72″) Bottom Diameter: 40 – 120mm (1.57″ – 4.72″)

  • Cylinder Size: Length*: 110 – 270mm (4.33″ -10.6″) Diameter: 40 – 120mm (1.57″ – 4.72″)

  • Rotary Degree of the Objects: 360°

  • Printable Size: Feeding direction (R-axis): entire surface of the objects Print head moving direction (Y-axis): within 220mm

Machine Dimensions
  • Length: 26.4”

  • Width: 54.1”

  • Height: 65.1”

  • Weight 1,037 lbs.

Basic Machine Features
  • Variable data printing builds personalized applications

  • Automatic Ink Supply System

  • ColorPRINT Bottle RIP Software

  • Printer Control Software (PCS)

  • Print Head Maintenance Module

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