Jetbot 4


Industrial High Speed UV-LED Inkjet Printer

The JetBot 4 is an industrial multi-color, rotary table design, UV-LED inkjet printer specifically engineered for directly printing on tapers/ cylinders, like cups, bottles, tins or cans. Utilizing environment-friendly UV-LED curing technology, JetBot offers you the capability of directly printing on a wide range of materials, including metal, glass, paper, wood, plastic, etc.

JetBot 4 offers robust architecture and superior printing control technology, which delivers outstanding image quality even at high speed printing. It features a number of significant improvements in the current printing industry, realizing new opportunities to expand your business. With the simplified workflow and easy operation, JetBot increases your productivity in short-run printing, personalized printing, and package proofing applications.

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum Print Zone: 500mm × 600mm (19.7″ × 23.6″)

  • Loading Zone Size: 500mm × 600mm (19.7″ × 23.6″)

  • Unloading Zone Size: 500mm × 600mm (19.7″ × 23.6″)

  • Automatic Print Head Maintenance Module

  • ColorPRINT RIP software

Machine Dimensions
  • Length 72”

  • Width 80”

  • Height: 72”

  • Weight 3,800 lbs.

Basic Machine Features
  • Rotary Table Design

  • Complete Servo Drive Design

  • Flame/Corona Treatment included
  • Automatic Unloading included
  • UV curable inks

  • Double UV-LED lamps with air cooled

  • Print Head Maintenance Module

  • Active Negative Pressure System

  • LCD Smart Panel

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