The Economy UV-LED Inkjet Printer

AutoJet 5S is an economy UV-LED flatbed inkjet printer offered by us. Equipped with industrial high-resolution DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads, AutoJet 5S delivers vivid colors and fine details, and at the same time, works seamlessly with professional ColorPRINT RIP and color management software.

With rapid curing UV inks and no need to use plates, AutoJet 5S printer owns the ability to print on a wider range of substrates up to 150mm (5.9″) and efficiently satisfies the needs of short runs and on-demand printing. This is the ideal cost-effective solution for personalized souvenirs, customized

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum Print Zone: 640mm × 540mm (25.2″ × 21.3″)
  • Table Size: 640mm × 540mm (25.2″ × 21.3″)

  • Ideal choice for printing on thick ( up to 150mm/ 5.9″ ) substrates

  • Variable Data Printing

  • Template Printing

Machine Dimensions
  • Length: 67.7″

  • Width: 58.6”

  • Height: 53.5″

Basic Machine Features
  • Print Head Maintenance Module

  • Active Negative Pressure System

  • LCD Smart Panel

  • 1L double-inlet Ink Tanks

  • Precise positioning of substrates achieves high-accuracy printing

  • UV curable ink, CMYK + White ink

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