Autojet 5C Inkjet Machine


Industrial High Speed UV-LED Inkjet Printer

The AutoJet 5C is designed for high-speed print production of 3-Dimension objects and boards. The AutoJet 5C improves productivity of short- and medium-run print jobs featuring multiple operation zones for loading, printing and unloading.

Efficient workflow enhancements increase productivity and reduce time, costs and efforts. This is the ideal choice for personalized print decorations of souvenirs, customized gifts, and special promotional materials.

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum Print Zone: 500mm × 600mm (19.7″ × 23.6″)

  • Loading Zone Size: 500mm × 600mm (19.7″ × 23.6″)

  • Unloading Zone Size: 500mm × 600mm (19.7″ × 23.6″)

  • Automatic Print Head Maintenance Module

  • ColorPRINT RIP software

Machine Dimensions
  • Length 68”

  • Width 83”

  • Height: 53”

  • Weight 1,037 lbs.

Basic Machine Features
  • UV curable inks

  • Double UV-LED lamps with air cooled

  • Print Head Maintenance Module

  • Active Negative Pressure System

  • LCD Smart Panel

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