Curebot - LED Curing System


LED 360° Curing System

The CureBot Series has been designed to cure objects printed with LED inks immediately with the use of a high output LED light. With a focus on cylindrical substrates, the CureBot offers 360 degrees of curing as well as a servo shuttle allowing products to enter or exit from either side.  This allows for a seamless operation and allows for operators to load and have the option of another operator to unload and pack the product. The CureBot accommodates a variety of product sizes and shapes.

Technical Specifications
  • Max Product Diameter: 6.5″

  • Max Product Height: 9″

  • Max Curing Speed: 600 parts per hour

  • Power: 220v – 50/60Hz

Machine Dimensions
  • Length: 34”

  • Width: 51”

  • Height: 53”

  • Weight: 900 lbs.

Basic Machine Features
  • High Output LED Light

  • 360 Degree Printing

  • Servo Shuttle

  • Dual Entry and Exit For Product

  • Immediate Curing