Flat UV Drying System

The AT-UV400 is a Flat UV Drying System, includes Adjustable Light power, UV Lamp distance, conveyor speed and Custom Air Exhaust System, max curing size 150mm and max curing speed of 70 parts per minute.

Technical Specifications
  • Max Curing Size (Width x Height): 60 – 70 pts/minute

  • Conveyor Speed Range: .5″ – 1.5″ (13mm – 38mm)

  • Speed Adjusting Mode: 2″ – 6″ (51mm – 150mm)

  • Total Wattage: 6.4 KW

  • Lamp Wattage: 5.6 KW

  • Air Exhaust Fan Power Supply: 750W/1P/220V

  • Conveyor Motor Power Supply: 60W/1P/220V

  • Standard Power Supply: 380V

Basic Machine Features
  • Flat UV Drying System
  • Distance between Part and UV Lamp is adjustable
  • Adjustable light power (Half Light or Full Light)

  • Custom Air Exhaust System included in curing chamber for longer lamp lifecycle
  • 3 Belt Options: Teflon, Stainless Steel or Aluminum Plate (Teflon Standard)
  • Built with custom picked high-quality parts
  • Designed to be operator friendly
  • Complies with all CE Standards