AT-7613 Drying System

Conveyor Drying System

The AT-7613 is a Conventional Heat Drying System, includes Adjustable Entry and Exit Height, Heating Unit and Conveyor Speed, max curing size 13″ and max curing speed of 30 parts per minute. This system displays flexibility with it’s variable speeds and temperature controls, along with it’s adjustable doors and heat panel. The AT-7613 has the ability to be customized to fit your specific application.

Technical Specifications
  • Electrical: 120VAC50 60HZ (15 Amps) Other voltages are available upon request
Machine Dimensions (approximate)
  • Length 76”

  • Width 18”
  • Height 52”
  • Belt Height Adjustable
  • Weight 90 lbs.

Basic Machine Features
  • Operator control panel with adjustable heat setting
  • Electric variable speed drive for adjustable product through rates and their exposure to the heat
  • High temperature mesh belt for good air flow

  • Variable temperature control reaching 225F

  • Powder coated cabinet for easy clean up

  • Adjustable entrance and exit doors to maximize the chamber heat (1”-5”)

  • 3 Heat ducts with blowers for dispensing heat

  • Adjustable internal heat panel, allows you to get the heat closer to the product

  • Built and serviced in the U.S.A.