AT-CNC4 Automatic Screen Printing Machine


1–4 Fully Automatic Screen Printer

The CNC Series has been designed to offer industry leading Servo Printing Technology utilizing a rotary table design. Designed for 1 – 4 Color printing on round, oval and square products using a fully servo printing system to allow for complete product mapping. The CNC Series offers the latest technology in screen printing including a state-of-the-art camera registration system.

Technical Specifications
  • Max Printing Stroke: 11.75”
  • Max Printing Diameter: 3”
  • Max Product Height: 10”
  • Max Printing Speed: 3,000 parts per hour
  • Power: 220v – 3 phase – 50/60Hz
Machine Dimensions
  • Length: 84″

  • Width: 84″

  • Height: 70″

  • Weight: 6,500 lbs.

Basic Machine Features
  • Vibrant Touch Screen Display
  • PLC Controller
  • Camera Seem Registration System (No Lugs required)
  • Automatic Robotic Loading System
  • Automatic Flame Treatment System
  • Individual Product Servo System (Quick Changeovers)
  • Vacuum product holding for increased accuracy
  • Programmable Printing Stroke and Speed
  • Automatic Unloading System
  • Operator friendly program (with Product Storage)
  • 1 Year Full Coverage Warranty