1-Color Pad Printer

Designed for wide format 1 Color printing with a maximum inkcup size of 3.5 inches, the AT-360 is a completely Servo-driven model and can run in both Vertical Printing Mode and 360 Degree Printing Mode.

Technical Specifications
  • 120 VAC, 50-60 HZ (other voltages available upon request)
  • Ink cup size up to 130mm
  • Up to 80cm printing (standard)Feature Info
Machine Dimensions
  • Length: 36”

  • Width: 24”

  • Height: 30”

Basic Machine Features
  • Choose the French or diameter size and the printer calculates the parameter.
  • Location and tubes sizes are saved to memory and recalled when the specific size tube is printed again.
  • Multiple artworks per cliche that do not require having to manually move the print pad or part holding nest; no longer are wrenches needed to adjust the print pads or part holding fixtures.
  • An ink tack dwell system is used so there is no smearing or smudging on catheter fixture during printing.
  • Programmable automatic pad cleaning allows you to tape off before any desired print cycle.
  • All electric
  • Touch screen interface
  • Pre-programmed with various sizes of customer’s choice.
  • Custom configuration and automation at customer’s request.
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