AT-135 Specs

Made in the USA!

Basic Machine Features

  •   Pneumatic Drive for simple, reliable operation

  •   Closed cup design

  •   3.5” diameter cup (standard)

  •   Powder coated cabinet for easy clean-up (optional)

  •   Automatic cycle mode for adjustable cycle rate

  •   Foot switch for single cycle

  •   Ink mix cycle

  •   Set-up mode for fast setup

  •   Independent pad strokes (plate and part)

  •   Built and serviced in America

Technical Specifications

  •   Machine capable of rates of 1600 cycles per/hr (application dependent)

  •   Electrical: 120 VAC 50-60 HZ Other voltages available upon request.

  •   Maximum printed image

  •   (4) 3.5” closed cups image area 3.25”

  •   (2) 5.0” closed cups image area 4.50”

Machine Dimensions (approximate)

  •   Length 42”

  •   Width 24”

  •   Height 25”

  •   Weight 250 lbs.

AT-SP1 Product Info

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  •    Pen sleeves, pencils, lip painters, syringes, candles, etc., with solvent or UV ink.


  •    Auto loading with hopper

  •    IR drying or UV curing optional.

  •    Cooling system before unloading.

  •    Auto unloading with unloading slot

  •    Motor driven, no compressed air required.

Technical Data

  •    Printing diameter: 3-20mm

  •    Printing length: 70-180mm

  •    Printing stroke (left to right): 20-80mm adjustable

  •    Max conical 3°

  •    Min blank length on both ends (can not be printed) 8mm

  •    Printing speed: 3600-4800pcs/hr

  •    Power supply: 220V, 50/60Hz, 4.5KW
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