AT-VLS350 24” x 12” Work Area

Uniquely Universal Features

Laser Interface+
Universal Laser Systems has developed the world’s most advanced, powerful, and flexible laser print driver.

1-Touch Laser Photo
We developed this software to make any photographic image suitable for laser engraving.

Univeral Laser Cartridges
Our exclusive line of patented CO2 Free-Space Gas Slab Lasers is designed specifically for the needs of laser cutting, engraving, graphic imaging and marking applications.

High Power Density Focusing Optics
These optics allow the laser beem to be focused to a much smaller spot, producing sharper images at tighter tolerances.

AT-SP1 Product Info

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  •    Pen sleeves, pencils, lip painters, syringes, candles, etc., with solvent or UV ink.


  •    Auto loading with hopper

  •    IR drying or UV curing optional.

  •    Cooling system before unloading.

  •    Auto unloading with unloading slot

  •    Motor driven, no compressed air required.

Technical Data

  •    Printing diameter: 3-20mm

  •    Printing length: 70-180mm

  •    Printing stroke (left to right): 20-80mm adjustable

  •    Max conical 3°

  •    Min blank length on both ends (can not be printed) 8mm

  •    Printing speed: 3600-4800pcs/hr

  •    Power supply: 220V, 50/60Hz, 4.5KW
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