AT-6.0 The AutoTransfer 6.0 has been developed primarily for the Drinkware industry with the ability to print on Flat, Round and Odd Shaped products. Utilizing brand new technology developed by AutoTran, the AutoTransfer 6.0 gives the operator the ability to take the shape of a product like never before and stamp full color in one cycle. The industries and products this machine can be used for is expanding daily as the Advertising industry pushes further toward multi and full color requirements. Finally the AutoTranfer 6.0 offers immediate cure onto the surface it stamps to reduce handling time. We have current customers running this machine up to speeds of 12 parts per minute on certain applications.

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AutoTransfer 6.0 Automatic Heat Transfer Machine

AutoTransfer 6.0 Product Info

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  •    Print up to 1200 DPI Images in 1 Pass on a Variety of Shapes & Surfaces


  •    Dry Process with Immediate Cure

  •    Cost Effective, Fast Turn, Short Run

  •    Adjustable Speed, Temperature, and Pressure


  •    Personalization and Variable Data

  •    Adjustable Dwell and Wind Times

  •    Optical Sensor for Accurate Registration
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