AT-VLS230 16” x 12” Work Area

Uniquely Universal Features

Laser Interface+
Universal Laser Systems has developed the world’s most advanced, powerful, and flexible laser print driver.

1-Touch Laser Photo
We developed this software to make any photographic image suitable for laser engraving.

Univeral Laser Cartridges
Our exclusive line of patented CO2 Free-Space Gas Slab Lasers is designed specifically for the needs of laser cutting, engraving, graphic imaging and marking applications.

High Power Density Focusing Optics
These optics allow the laser beem to be focused to a much smaller spot, producing sharper images at tighter tolerances.

AT-360 Product Info

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Made in the USA!

Basic Machine Features

  •    Choose the French or diameter size and the printer calculates the parameter.

  •    Location and tubes sizes are saved to memory and recalled when the specific size tube is printed again.

  •    Multiple artworks per cliche that do not require having to manually move the print pad or part holding nest; no longer are wrenches needed to adjust the print pads or part holding fixtures.

  •    An ink tack dwell system is used so there is no smearing or smudging on catheter fixture during printing.

  •    Programmable automatic pad cleaning allows you to tape off before any desired print cycle.

  •    All electric

  •    Touch screen interface

  •    Pre-programmed with various sizes of customer’s choice.

  •    Custom configuration and automation at customer’s request.

Technical Specifications

  •    120 VAC, 50-60 HZ (other voltages available upon request)

  •    Ink cup size up to 130mm

  •    Up to 80cm printing (standard)Feature Info
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